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  • Hydraulic cylinder for side tipper
Hydraulic cylinder for side tipper

Hydraulic cylinder for side tipper

  • Use:Semi-trailer;Dump truck;Door tipper tailer
  • Lifting system: hydraulic lifting system
  • Material: Steel
  • Customized design
  • Product description: Semi-trailer Dump truck Door tipper tailer

HCIC offer all kinds of side tipper cylinders for most popular brands of side tippers for most popular brands of Side Tipper swith advanced technologies, Combined with the special internal design of the cylinders and ensure these products are strong ,safe and reliable.

The side tipper Cylinders for Side Tipper according to the requirements of our esteemed customers.this tipper cylinder is known and demanded for its stable performance, longer functional life, anti-corrosive & sturdy structure and less maintenance.



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