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Hitachi mining excavator gets hydraulic system upgrade

Hitachi Construction & Mining, a division of John Deere Construction & Forestry Co., announced the EX2000-7 — its latest EX-7 series mining excavator that is said to enhance efficiency, reliability and durability.

Its new Cummins QST30-C engines cut fuel consumption for significant cost savings and lower environmental impact. Hydraulic pumps optimized with electronic regulation, high hydraulic efficiency regeneration, and a cooling package work together as sustainability technologies that help reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, compared to the previous EX1900-6 model.

The new EX2000-7 mining excavator from Hitachi features electronic regulation of hydraulic pumps, high-efficiency regeneration, heavy-duty guards for hoses and accumulators, and contamination sensors on pumps and motors.

The EX2000-7’s hydraulic system reportedly conserves energy as each individual control valve is closely adjusted to direct the exact required amount of pressure to each cylinder and swing motor from the pumps. This lowers fuel consumption and improves pump life.

A larger hydraulic oil cooler with variable-speed fan also helps reduce energy demand and create a more reliable hydraulic system. The oil cooler, separate from the radiator, effectively reduces hydraulic oil temperature, lengthens hydraulic service life, and improves maintainability.


The new machine has a larger 12 m³ bucket compared with the previous EX1900-6 model’s 11 m³ bucket, designed to increase loading capability with a tilt angle that enhances operational efficiency. To improve reliability and reduce chafing, front attachment hoses have been rearranged from the traditional arch style to an underslung configuration, removing the need for clamping. Likewise, a newly designed heavy-duty guard protects hoses and accumulators located in the track center frame from rocks and debris.

The EX2000-7 also features contamination sensors on main hydraulic pumps, travel motors and swing motors to detect any contaminants that may damage the hydraulic system. These sensors alert the operator of potential contaminants, record fault codes in the Data Logging Unit (DLU) and have the capability to remotely advise maintenance personnel.


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