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Main technical parameters of hydraulic cylinder

Main technical parameters of hydraulic cylinder:
1. Cylinder diameter; Cylinder diameter, inner diameter dimension.
2. Inlet and outlet diameter and thread parameters
3. Diameter of piston rod;
4. Cylinder pressure; When calculating the working pressure of oil cylinder, the test pressure is often used, which is lower than 16MPa multiplied by 1.5 and higher than 16 multiplied by 1.25
5. Cylinder stroke;
6. Whether there is buffer; According to the working condition, if the piston rod extends and contracts, it will be buffered if the impact is large.

7. Installation method of oil cylinder;

The oil cylinder with required performance is good, and the oil cylinder with frequent failure is bad. Should be said to be qualified and unqualified? There is a difference between good and qualified.

The structure and performance parameters of hydraulic cylinder include: 

Diameter of hydraulic cylinder; 

Diameter of piston rod; 

Speed and speed ratio; 

Working pressure, etc.

There are many kinds of hydraulic cylinder products. To measure the performance of an oil cylinder, the main test indexes are made before leaving the factory. The working performance of the oil cylinder is mainly shown in the following aspects:

1. Minimum starting pressure: refers to the minimum working pressure of hydraulic cylinder under no-load condition, which is a comprehensive index reflecting the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of hydraulic cylinder parts and the size of sealing friction;

2. Minimum stable speed: it refers to the minimum movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder without crawling phenomenon when it is in full load movement. It has no unified index, and the requirements for the minimum stable speed are different for the hydraulic cylinders undertaking different work.

3. Internal leakage: the internal leakage of the hydraulic cylinder will reduce the volumetric efficiency, aggravate the temperature rise of the oil, affect the positioning accuracy of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the hydraulic cylinder can not accurately and stably stop at a certain position of the cylinder, so it is one of the main indicators of the hydraulic cylinder.


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