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Failure factors of hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder is a kind of common equipment. The raw materials used in the production should go through high-quality technology and heat treatment, and then be customized by grinder according to the needs of the equipment. Because the hydraulic cylinder with high cost performance is durable and has good power, it has good use effect in many equipment. Now let's introduce what causes the failure of the hydraulic cylinder.

1. Cavitation
Cavitation can cause failure to the hydraulic cylinder, and the harm is also very great. It can not only make the surface of the hydraulic cylinder black, but also make the supporting ring and sealing ring scorch. In addition, in the case of serious cavitation, there will be some honeycomb holes on the inner wall of the cylinder and the surface of the piston or piston rod, which leads to the failure of the hydraulic cylinder, Therefore, we should do a good job of cavitation prevention in normal use.
2. Poor oil quality
When the hydraulic cylinder is used, it is necessary to pour a certain amount of hydraulic oil into it. If the quality of the hydraulic oil is not good, the performance of the foam will be worse. After a long period of use, it will be very vulnerable to poor foam and have a bad effect on the hydraulic cylinder. In addition, if the frequency of hydraulic oil pressure change is too high and too fast, and the oil temperature is too hot, the hydraulic cylinder will be damaged to varying degrees.
3. The welding is not well handled
Some parts of the hydraulic cylinder are connected together by welding process, especially the oil port seat and other parts. The weld itself does not have a high affinity. If it is not handled properly during welding, it is easy to make the welding parts have empty seams, and make the side feet of the oil port seat elongate or the wall thickness at the corner is insufficient, resulting in the damage of the oil port connection.

It can be seen that there are many reasons for the failure of the hydraulic cylinder. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, we should not only purchase reliable hydraulic cylinders from high-quality hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, but also pay attention to the use of high-quality hydraulic oil and protect various parts to avoid the damage caused by various adverse factors.


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