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Hydraulic system flow is not normal how to do

The common abnormal phenomena in hydraulic system are: no flow, insufficient flow, too large flow, etc. The speed of the actuator should meet the requirements of not crawling at low speed, hydraulic impact at high speed, linear regulation of speed regulation, and stable speed installation and change between load and no-load. If the actuator does not meet the above requirements in actual work, it is caused by abnormal flow. We have said that the common abnormal phenomena are: no flow, insufficient flow, too large flow, etc. today, we will talk about the reasons why these phenomena are caused and how to eliminate them.
No flow
If the hydraulic equipment is started, there is no flow output, it is necessary to make sure that the oil pump motor group and overflow valve are related, then we should check whether the oil suction pipe of the oil pump has absorbed oil, the oil tank oil is enough, the driving motor of the pump does not rotate, whether there is any reversal, whether the motor has rotation, whether there is any problem with the coupling, the abnormal sound of the whole power source (motor oil pump group) is not large, and the noise of the oil pump is large, indicating that the noise of the oil pump is large If the leakage is serious, it can be judged that the hydraulic pump is broken. If the motor is reversed, the motor power cord should be jumper. The oil level of the oil tank is low or the oil suction filter is blocked. Fill the oil and replace the oil suction filter before starting.
Insufficient flow
The flow is insufficient, which is generally reflected in the phenomenon of the actuator crawling at low speed. The insufficient flow may be that the setting value of the speed regulating valve is too low, the setting value of overflow valve or unloading valve is too low. If it is this case, we will adjust the setting value from the new one. It is also possible to leak outside the system, the motor speed of the oil pump drive is not correct, and the wear of hydraulic components (oil pump, valve and actuator) causes leakage seriously. If it is the above problems, we should check the pipelines, valves, pressure, etc. Replace the damaged valve in time, and leak from the new tightening.

Too much flow
The flow is too large, which is generally reflected in the sudden speed of the actuator and the original setting. Then the flow is too large, which is caused by the following reasons: the flow control valve is broken, the variable mechanism is not working, and the drive motor speed is too fast (if the servo motor is abnormal, the speed will be faster). If these are the above conditions, we should carefully check and remove them one by one.


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