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Design flow of hydraulic system

What is hydraulic system? In fact, the hydraulic system is a device that uses the pressurized liquid as the working medium to transfer energy, which is called the hydraulic system, also known as the hydraulic station. The hydraulic system can be divided into transmission system and hydraulic control system according to different working characteristics, and open system and closed system according to different flow circulation modes. As shown in the figure below:

The open system is mainly used in the oil cylinder, and the closed system is mainly used in the hydraulic motor or logic oil circuit.
The design of hydraulic system generally refers to the design of hydraulic transmission system. There is no essential difference between hydraulic transmission system and hydraulic control system in terms of structure and working principle.
Hydraulic system is generally a part of the main engine, so the design of the hydraulic system is closely related to the designer of the main engine. When we compare and demonstrate the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission forms from the aspects of necessity, feasibility, and economy, we can do both at the same time. Due to the different functions of various machines and equipment, the design focus is different and the design steps are different. Now let's take a look at the general hydraulic system design program:

As can be seen from the figure above, the general design process is as follows:
1、 Clear technical requirements. Technical requirements are the basis and starting point for the design of hydraulic system. For technical requirements, the next step should be based on the use of the host, structural layout, use environment, working characteristics and economic performance.
2、 According to the technical requirements, determine the form parameters, quantity, action sequence, functional requirements, dynamic analysis and motion analysis of the hydraulic actuator (oil cylinder, hydraulic motor), and then determine the main parameters of the system. Work out the working condition diagram of the actuator, and then draw the hydraulic schematic diagram.
3、 Finally, the hydraulic system standard parts selection (such as motor, oil pump, control valve), according to the oil pump displacement and system calorific value design oil tank size, and then according to the oil pump size, oil tank size, actuator parameters to design the oil circuit is completed.


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