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Performance Test

HCIC have professional performance testing before delivery.The hydraulic cylinder testing capabilities include cylinder friction test, cycle test, impulse endurance test, drift rate test (piston seal leakage), proof pressure test (apply 150% rated pressure in 5 minutes). The hydraulic cylinder test system can be configured for testing single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic Power Unit

HCIC hydraulic cylinder test equipment is powered by a hydraulic power unit (HPU) capable of 20 GPM at 9000 psi, sized for testing hydraulic cylinder with rated (working) pressures of 9000 psi. The HPU has an 80 Imperial gallon fluid reservoir that can be filled with Client specified hydraulic fluid and maintained at temperatures up to 80°C.

Cycle Test

With many different cylinder designs, it is recommended that the test cylinder specs be reviewed by HCIC engineers to verify that it fits the test setup.

Impulse Endurance Test

Computer control endurance test hydraulic cylinder.Keep record data of every tested cylinder.We can provide endurance test according to customer’s requirements.

Standards Testing

Telescopic hydraulic cylinder test

Mini telescopic hydraulic cylinder Simulation test

Cylinder chrome check



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