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Factory Process


If we develop, design and also manufacture most of the components ourselves, then it is obvious we are the best choice to assemble them. The assembly of hydraulic components and systems places high demands on accuracy , precision and hygiene. At HCIC you will find committed technicians that have vast knowledge and experience of hydraulic assembly

Precision and flexibility in its sharpest form. At our plant in Jinan, we have a number of CNC controlled machines with automatic tool exchange and up to five axes that permit rational processing on all six sides of a work piece at once. Our skilled operators produce components with tolerance demands down to a few hundredths of a millimeter, which is a prerequisite for our own developed hydraulic components.


Once the cylinder is engraved, it is clean coated with a final layer of chromium.


Polishing removes imperfections and smoothed out the cylinder. Polishing also adds roughness to the surface so it can retain the ink that will lubricate the cylinder.


We have all the welding expertise necessary to produce customized solutions. We weld components and complex designs in stainless steel and structural steel, both manually and in robots. Large recurring welding work is handled in our robot installations to streamline production and ensure continuous quality.


Surface treatment in the form of powder coating is carried out at our own plant. Much of that produced by HCIC is installed in rugged environments and in order to attain a good corrosive protection and a fine finish we use electrostatic power coating that is cured at a high temperature in an oven. Compared with many other surface treatment methods, powder coating also offers major benefits in terms of economy, durability and the environment.


Steel blasting is an environmentally friendly presentment that involves millions of small steel balls being thrown at high speed towards a component. Blasting is probably the best possible method to create a perfect, clean and slightly rough surface that means the powder coating adheres perfectly. At HCIC we can blast components that are 5500 mm long, 1200 mm wide and 350 mm high.


We have ultrasonic cleaners and fully automatic steam cleaners to ensure cleanliness before entering the assembly



HCIC have professional performance testing before delivery.The hydraulic cylinder testing capabilities include cylinder friction test, cycle test, impulse endurance test, drift rate test (piston seal leakage), proof pressure test (apply 150% rated pressure in 5 minutes). The hydraulic cylinder test system can be configured for testing single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders.


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