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Our service advantage

1 . What can we do ? 

We are a professional hydraulic cylinder factory .We produce hydraulic cylinder ourselves, sell it ourselves, and provide after-sale service ourselves.

 Our main products :  

· Front - end Multistage Hydraulic Cylinder   (FC/FE/FEE,used for dump truck)

· Under - body Hoist Multistage Hydraulic Cylinder (bore size from 70-110mm ,Stroke from 500-2000mm)

· Engineering Piston Hydraulic Cylinder (Used for Trailer, Modified Vehicle, Construction Machinery, Forklift and Agricultural Machinery)

2 . How do we produce hydraulic cylinder ?

· Raw material purchasing 

· Rough finish

· Fine finishing

· Surface treatment

· Assembly work

· Testing

· Packing delivery 

3 . What are our strengths?

· We have all the equipment for the production of hydraulic cylinders .

· We provide design services according to your requirements .

· We can supply metric and imperial size cylinder .

· Use imported seals as required .

· We own our own electroplating factory .

· Complete quality control system .

· ST52,16Mn,45#,20# tube

· Chrome plated thickness >30 mircron

· Single/double acting

· 3~5 stages cylinder

· Working Pressure:16~22Mpa or more high pressure

· Various mounting type

· Easy installation

· High quality guarantee

· Low friction seals

· Constant speed and force



Contact: David Song

Phone: 8615376198599

Tel: 053187101088

Email: davidsong@mail.huachen.cc

Add: Room 603,Xinsheng building 2#, Xinluo Road, Gaoxin district, Jinan, Shandong province, China

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