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  • Steering pump of 70cc used for boat
  • Steering pump of 70cc used for boat
  • Steering pump of 70cc used for boat
Steering pump of 70cc used for boat Steering pump of 70cc used for boat Steering pump of 70cc used for boat

Steering pump of 70cc used for boat

  • Steering pump
  • Boat parts
  • hydraulic pump
  • 70cc
  • Product description: Steering pump of 70cc used for boat


Helm Pumps Overview
The designs of our pumps are uncompromising with engineering features typically only found in much larger and more expensive units. Simple and efficient, our two-line system does not require “pressurized air” to operate, and features a precision-made, ultra smooth, non-pulsating axial piston pump design, with a roller-bearing squash plate. These pumps easily adapt to most any non-power-steered vessel from 18 to 70 ft in both recreational and commercial applications.
Helm Pump Features
Hydraulic Valve Block – Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum billet machined valve block with standard 1/4″ NPT threads allow simple and easy connections to hydraulic lines. No “funny” adapters needed or prone-to-crack “pot-metal” castings. All pumps have a built-in internal relief valve for total system protection.
Output Ports – Unique dual outputs that allow simple two-station and/or autopilot hook-up eliminating an external “T”.
Lock-Valves – Built-in hydraulic lock valve allows any number of stations with automatic station change-over and eliminates un-wanted rudder feedback.
Pump Shaft – Oversized 22mm diameter stress relieved non-magnetic Stainless Steel in both standard and extended lengths. Industry standard 3/4″ steering wheel taper with common straight key design. No more lost woodruff keys and allows easy sleeve adaptation to 1″ bored steering wheels (available Seafirst adapter).
Pump Shaft Seal – Externally replaceable industry standard double lip oil seal.
Housing design – “O-ringed” sealed case with large built-in reservoir. Vented and non-vented caps allowing horizontal or vertical mountings, multiple upper & lower stations, and remote reservoirs (if desired), with no gaskets to leak or deteriorate.
Case Material – Made from LUMID GP-2330A – An Engineering Grade Glass Reinforced Copolymer developed by LG Chemical Corporation. Impervious to saltwater environment with no more bubbling coatings or corroding pot metal cases.
Hydraulic Oil – Multiple fluid compatibility as SEAFIRST pumps operate on both Dextron ATF or other common hydraulic, aviation, or steering oils meeting MIL-H-5056. We recommend ATF for hot climates and the lighter Mil-Spec oils for colder climates. Mixing these oils is a non-issue with all SEAFIRST pumps or hydraulic cylindersOur boat steering Helms are available in different configurations: the basic version, which is normally Front Mount. The basic steering helm can be combined with different mounting kits allowing the helm protrusion from the dash board to be reduced or hidden completely behind the dash board.



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